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07/28/2014 | Deutsche Lufthansa: 180 "Luftikusse" explore the exciting world of aviation

For 180 children of employees from all business areas of the Lufthansa Group, a small dream will come true: when lots were drawn they all managed to get a coveted place in the company’s own "Luftikusse" holiday care programme. As of July 28, they will get the opportunity to take a close look at their mum or dad’s employer, into the exciting world of aviation. Following the great success of the holiday programme in 2013, the Group is further expanding its childcare offer during the 2014 summer holidays and now offers varied and professional care throughout the entire six weeks of vacation.

07/24/2014 | Lufthansa supports employees with short-term childcare problems

Already on entering the new Parent-Child Office on the ground floor of the Lufthansa Group office building at Frankfurt Airport, it is clear that this is no ordinary workplace. In addition to the desks, the cot, the cozy corner and the toy shop are sure to catch the eye. Children can easily keep themselves occupied here, while one of their parents is at work in the same room.

06/26/2014 | BASF publishes new issue of “SD Update – Newsletter Sustainable Development”

This second issue in 2014 of “SD Update – Newsletter Sustainable Development” covers how BASF received the certification of the European Water Stewardship (EWS) standard after Tarragona (Spain) also for its Ludwigshafen site, thus advancing sustainable water management in Germany. Furthermore, BASF informs about international and regional partnerships with SINOPEC from China and the Chambers of Industry and Commerce in the Ludwigshafen region. You also read about BASF, jointly with L’Oréal and the NGO Yamana, supporting women in Morocco in the production of Argan oil.

06/24/2014 | Lufthansa staff members demonstrate social commitment combined with business initiative

What makes a successful business founder? This was just one of the questions answered during the two-week Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2014, which was held in early June in Port-au-Prince. The idea was for volunteer experts to help 30 participants who already have a small company or at least a business idea to implement their concepts.

06/17/2014 | More Lufthansa canteens awarded Ökoprofit Seal

This summer, the Lufthansa Flight Training and LSG Sky Chefs canteens at Frankfurt Airport will receive the reputed Ökoprofit Seal. This will bring the number of works canteens, which have achieved this certification and are operated by LZ-Catering, a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group, to seven.

06/14/2014 | UN and DHL use airport terminals to make disasters less terminal

UNDP, UNOCHA and the international courier company Deutsche Post DHL, met today at the UN headquarters to reaffirm their support for their public-private partnership in support of disaster preparedness and response.

06/12/2014 | Bosch reduces the fuel consumption of coaches

Since the German railway's monopoly was lifted at the beginning of 2013, many routes within Germany can now be travelled affordably with coaches. Thanks to a new Bosch technology, some coach models have reduced their carbon footprint. Eco.Logic Motion reduces the fuel consumption of coaches, and thus helps protect the climate by preventing harmful emissions. 

06/10/2014 | Airlines in the Lufthansa Airlines Group fly more eco-friendly with lighter containers

In the Lufthansa Group, cargo and luggage is now transported with much lighter containers and thus more fuel-efficient. In the last three years Lufthansa Cargo has completely replaced its fleet of containers with lightweight containers made of extremely durable composite materials. These are now used in cargo and passenger aircraft instead of the previous aluminum containers. Their use saves fuel and reduces emissions. 

06/05/2014 | Thousands of Deutsche Post DHL employees engage for international World Environment Day

On the occasion of the United Nations' World Environment Day, Deutsche Post DHL called its 480.000 employees for action, to participate in activities for the environment and the climate. However, this form of engagement is not a one-time activity: the Group's GoGreen-program was launched in 2009 and encompasses the overall carbon efficiency improvement as well as a carbon neutral transport service. On 5th June, employees around the globe implement specific environmental and charity activities, which often include customers and partners alike.

06/04/2014 | Deutsche Post DHL introduces first Teardrop Trailer in Germany and France

Deutsche Post DHL, the world's leading postal and logistics group, further expands its fleet of about 11,500 vehicles with alternative drive systems and aerodynamic modifications. The Group adds one so-called Teardrop trailer for use throughout Germany and France as part of its logistics solutions for its customer Airbus. The aerodynamic form of this teardrop-shaped trailer designed by Don-Bur features a curved roof which reduces air resistance and cutting fuel consumption by up to 6%-10% compared to regular heavy-load trucks.

06/03/2014 | Deutsche Lufthansa: Testing of the new descent procedure "Continuous Descent Operations" is very promising

Lufthansa is currently testing a new continuous descent operation at Munich Airport, which it has developed together with German Air Traffic Control in Munich. It will thereby help all airline companies to save fuel and protect the environment.

06/03/2014 | Second Diversity Day in Germany: Deutsche Post DHL makes diversity come alive

Deutsche Post DHL will join the rest of Germany on June 3rd in celebration of Diversity Day, a nationwide event now in its second year. As part of this year's day-long event titled "Vielfalt unternehmen" (Do Diversity), Deutsche Post DHL will feature diversity-related activities at its Post Tower headquarters in Bonn as well as other locations around the world. Initiated in 2013 by the organization Charta der Vielfalt e.V., Diversity Day aims to raise the awareness for diversity issues and integrate it into the German business community.

06/02/2014 | Bayer MaterialScience successful with global efficiency system: Significantly lower energy consumption in chemical production

Bayer MaterialScience, a leading materials manufacturer, will in the future need far less energy for the majority of its global production. This is being made possible by a home-grown energy management system. Its introduction has now been completed. It enables the individual consumption of the production plants to be optimally controlled and reduced by an average of a tenth, and also brings about considerable reductions in CO2 emissions. The system, which is called STRUCTese®, can also be used by other companies under license.

05/27/2014 | Deutsche Lufthansa: New repair procedures bring ecological and economic benefits

In the airline industry, reducing the weight of an aircraft is an important way to cut fuel consumption. Each kilogram of weight saved lowers CO2 emissions and saves money. At Lufthansa German Airlines, for example, savings amount to 26,000 euros per year. This was the starting point for Lufthansa Technik’s research project “AIRtech – Advanced and Innovative Repair Technologies”.

05/22/2014 | Deutsche Telekom: Donations for flood victims

Heavy rains have resulted in dramatic floods throughout many parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia. Deutsche Telekom donates 50,000 euros to Aktion Deutschland Hilft for emergency measures. Employees have set up donation lines.

The recent flooding was caused by the heaviest rainfalls in 120 years in large parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia. Whole towns and villages were flooded and many communities have been cut off from the outside world.

05/21/2014 | E.ON awarded “European Cleantech Corporation of the Year”

E.ON received the “European Cleantech Corporation of the Year” award yesterday at the 10th European Cleantech Forum in Stockholm (Sweden), organized by Cleantech Group, developer of the i3 market intelligence platform. Every year, one company gets awarded for its significant action to promote innovation in green technology and environmentally friendly products and services.

05/06/2014 | Volkswagen Group presents sustainability report

The Volkswagen Group continues to make significant progress on the way to becoming the world’s most environmentally compatible automaker. This is documented by the new sustainability report published on Tuesday. The report, which consists of 152 pages, provides information on the progress achieved in economic, environmental and social sustainability in 2013.

05/06/2014 | Exemplary recycling initiative by LSG Sky Chefs in the United States

Recycle, dispose, reduce – that is the principle according to which LSG Sky Chefs has operated a structured environmental management system for many years. Since February 2013, however, the Lufthansa Group’s catering arm has been investing in a special project in the United States, the environmental initiative “Zero Waste to Landfill”.

04/28/2014 | DHL volunteers support non-profit organization TECHO to reach goal of 100,000 emergency housing units in Latin America

DHL partners with TECHO, a Latin American NGO that works to overcome poverty in slums and foster the development of local communities, to help the organization meet its ambitious 2014 target of completing 100,000 emergency housing units in 19 countries since its inception. Founded in 1997 and led by youth volunteers, TECHO was also recently presented with a special donation of USD 250,000 from DHL for building a total of 100 new houses for families this year.

04/23/2014 | Lufthansa Group backs research into innovative biokerosene

The Lufthansa Group has long played a pioneering role when it comes to research into sustainably produced fuels. Now the aviation group is involved in practical testing of a promising new production method for biokerosene: “Alcohol to Jet” (ATJ). It entails the fermentation of mainly plant waste to form isobutanol, which is then dehydrated and converted into kerosene using standard refinery processes. There is a wide range of suitable feedstocks. This makes the method as versatile as the Fischer-Tropsch process that is already approved, but it requires much lower initial investment.



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