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07/04/2013 | Generali invests in the environment by cutting energy consumption and works for the community

The Generali Group is strengthening its commitment to the environment and social issues. In 2012 it achieved further reductions in consumption of power, 80% of which now comes from renewable sources. Furthermore, the Group’s is committed to the community, where it has adopted new tools – the Charter of Sustainability Commitments and the Code of Conduct – to work effectively and more transparently for its stakeholders. All this is detailed in the Group Sustainability Report, published on the website.

The 2012 report closes a three-year period that has seen the Group engaged on achieving its environmental goals, for which it has now set even more challenging targets in the Group Environmental Program for 2013-2015. These include a further 5% per capita reduction in consumption of energy, water and paper, and a 95% target for ecological paper use.

Eco-sustainability is also essential in management of the Group’s real estate assets: many of its buildings have LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and the Group is eliminating high emissions systems.

Generali’s Corporate Social Responsibility commitment is also reflected by the adoption in 2012 of a Charter of Sustainability Commitments, under which the management by objectives approach already implemented for the environment has now been extended to social solidarity activities to support and integrate the weakest members of society, civic education, research and education.

In addition to the Charter, Generali recently introduced a Code of Conduct setting out conduct guidelines to be followed by employees and third parties acting on behalf of the Group. The aim is to promote diversity with a view towards inclusion and transparency in direct communication with all stakeholders.

Thanks to the results achieved through its engagement in the various fields of social responsibility, in 2012 the Group entered several new ethical indices and it is now included in the most important ones: the ASPI Advanced Sustainable Performance Indices Eurozone, the ECPI Ethical Indices, the FTSE ECPI Italia SRI Index Series, the FTSE4Good, the Stoxx Sustainability Indices and the Ethibel Sustainability Indices.


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